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Dynasty Wellbeing: A new brand for Care Home and Retirement Living

Dementia is a condition that affects 850,000 people in the UK alone, with that number set to rise to over a million by 2025, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, due to the aging population. While organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society work tirelessly to find a cure for the disease, we need to do everything we can to make those suffering as comfortable as possible.

People suffering from dementia often experience memory loss, confusion, anxiety, hallucinations, aggression and disorientation, among other symptoms and these vary from person to person. One thing we can do to help is to ensure time is spent in an environment which doesn’t cause any added disorientation. We can do this by choosing wallcoverings that counteracts some of these symptoms. Some wallcoverings can hinder people’s ability to interpret the differences between different surfaces and areas, such as walls, floors, fabrics, furniture, doorways and steps. The contrast in design and colours is important and this is where Light Reflectancy Values (LRVs) help greatly.

An LRV is given to every material and each product has a value out of 100 points. A minimum variance of 30 points between the surface and the surface next to it is suggested. All the wallcovering patterns in the Aware Range have an LRV assigned and the LRV value is included within the specification of the pattern.

There are some specific aspects of design and colours you can avoid when choosing wallcoverings for care homes and senior living projects. Some areas to be aware of are:

  • Shiny surfaces can appear wet and be disorientating
  • Surfaces with a similar LRV and with similar colours can be difficult to differentiate
  • Small patterns and photographic wallcoverings can cause confusion
  • Dark areas in patterns and flooring can appear as shadows and holes

A conscious choice of colour is very important in this market so as a resident can identify (almost unconsciously) one area or surface from another. As we age, we aren’t as able to distinguish between colours that are close together in shade. Wallcoverings with a lower colour contrast are most suitable and can be used safely with contrasting pieces of furniture.

For care homes and senior living properties, familiar surroundings contribute significantly to minimizing symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and confusion. A homely environment where the residents feel safe, greatly improves quality of life for them and much of this can be done simply by thoughtfully choosing appropriate and sympathetic wallcoverings.


Wellbeing Wallcovering Murals

One of our more popular wallcovering products is our seamless mural. By producing feature walls of nostalgic imagery these wallcoverings can promote memory stimulation as well as being an attractive option to patterned wallcoverings. Patterned images can also be produced as murals should the area or the scheme require it.

Patterned Wellbeing Wallcovering Murals